Culture of Life Awards 2013


Director - Pete Devlin

1st Half Awards 2012-2013

These are the program write ups as submitted by the Council. If you have questions about a program or would like additional information, contact the Council that submitted the report.

Division I

Council Name: St. Bernadette                           Number 14276            Location: Butner NC

For the first year since our council has been recognized we have a Culture of Life husband and wife who have asked to be on this project. Mike and Kelly are very excited to participate. mike went to the conference in Raleigh to get better informed and came back very positive. He also signed up to be the justice person in our parish on the bishops program.

Council Name: Fr Hillary Mikentic                    Number 13532       Location: Siler City, NC 27344

Council held a pancake breakfast after the 2 morning Masses. Served pancakes, sausage, and drinks for a donation to the LAMB foundation. This was the first breakfast held by the Council and was well received by the Parish. We raised $275.00 from the event.

Division II

Council Name: Father John B. McGuirk           Number 7232         Location: Roanoke Rapids, NC

Council 7232 annually provide financial support to the local pregnancy center in Roanoke Rapids, N.C. A Brother Knight serves on the advisory board of directors at the center. Many young expected mothers have gone through this center, instead of aborting the child before birth. Brother Knights attend the annual fund raising banquet and participate in the local annual "Life Chain" in October. The Brother Knights, with their spouses, friends also participate in Pro-Life activities.

Council Name: Saint Michael the Archangel    Council Number:  15250   Location: Fort Bragg, NC

On 22 September 2012, the Knights and family members of Saint Michael the Archangel Council 15250 had the opportunity to assist in the planning, staging, and execution of a “Meet and Greet for Life” program conducted at the Kiwanis Building in Honeycutt Recreation Park.

At this event, members of both the Fayetteville and Fort Bragg Catholic Faith Communities had the extraordinary opportunity to “Meet and Greet” with dynamic and visionary Leaders of the North Carolina “Pro-Life / Right to Life” movement.  Included in the lively and energetic guest speaker program were:  Barbara Holt, President of the North Carolina “Right to Life” Movement; and, Helen Rogers, Director of the North Carolina AGAPE (“the Love of God”) Pregnancy Support Services.

Saint Michael the Archangel Council 15250 became a ready and willing partner in the hosting and staging of this event as a consequence of the number of times the Council (and Fort Bragg Faith Community) have come to the aid and assistance of the “Fayetteville Right-to-Life” program.  The Program Director, Ms. Joanna Odom can, and will, attest to the fact that the Saint Michael the Archangel Council and the Fort Bragg Catholic Community are the first to stand “front and center” in the defense of the unborn and the sanctity of human life.

To the Brothers of Saint Michael the Archangel Council 15250, there is no more sacred charge. nor responsibility, than the protection of the unborn.

Division III

Council Name: Father Schomber            Number 4600         Location: Rocky Mount, NC

OLPH Council 4600 partnered with the local PCC on the following projects: raising money to pay for a year's supply of prenatal vitamins for all their clients and raising money in the local MARCH FOR LIFE

Council Name: Bishop McGuiness          Number 4660        Location: Wilson NC

This Mothers Day our council purchased 450 carnations to present to all mothers after each mass. Knights were stationed at the exits after mass and handed each mother a flower as they exited. After the 11 am mass PGK Wayne Kleven led a group of Knights through a living Rosary ,each participant represented a bead on the Rosary, reciting the appropriate prayer along the way. This was done in memory of all deceased mothers and in honor of those still with us.

Council Name: St Aloysius                         Number 6451       Location: Hickory, NC

Knights refurbished crosses and installed more than 500 on parish property along HWY 127 in Hickory. Every month, more than 100,000 fetus's are aborted in the United States alone. Each cross represents the abortion every day of 5 unborn children. In addition, the council supported the Pregnancy Care Center of Catawba Valley annual walk for life. The two mile route through downtown Hickory again showed our support for life and also raised more than $1000 for the center.

Council Name: Father Vincent Mahoney      Number 7024      Location: Swansboro, NC

The council partnered with the Saint Mildred's Youth Group to raise the parish and community awareness of pro-life issues and to also raise funds to support the Room at the Inn and the Onslow Pregnancy Center. The council covered the cost of 150 plastic baby bottles. They were placed in a crib located in the church vestibule where parishioners were invited to take one and return it filled with change they had saved. Some returned the bottles with a single check worth more than the bottled stuffed with change! A total of $1,867.40 was raised by donations and the council donated $1000.00 to bring the total to $$2,867.40. Our 5-year goal is $12,500 for the council and after 3-years, we are at $9,122.80!

Council Name: Fr. H. Charles Mulholland    Number 7186     Location: Apex, NC

Adopt-a-Saturday is a Culture of Life program that was started by our Council in 2012.  The purpose of Adopt-a-Saturday is to provide support to pregnant mothers and their unborn children through the power of the Rosary.  Council #7186 chooses one Saturday each month and travels to Drake Circle in Raleigh to pray the Rosary in front of the abortion mill.  The program was started to show a concrete example of our Council’s devotion to the support of the pregnant mother and their unborn children. 

Our Rosary Warriors meet monthly outside a local store in Apex and carpool to the abortion mill at Drake Circle in Raleigh.  We normally arrive at 8:30 AM and say the three mysteries of the Rosary, along with the Rosary for the Divine Mystery.  As a way to finish the event, we all kneel in meditation for one minute of the word “Mercy” while facing the abortion mill.  Afterward, we meet at a local coffee shop to reflect on the morning and discuss current event topics that are tied to pro-life activities.

The seeds for this program have been sown and we are beginning to reap our rewards.  The first two months we had three (3) total attendees at the events.  The advertising of this event was kept within the Council until we felt confident the program would continue.  We then advertised the event in our parish bulletin and at our 4th Degree Assembly meeting.  We doubled the number of Rosary warriors and are confident this program will continue to grow in numbers.

Several abortions have been avoided, thanks to the power of prayer.  What a spectacular feeling it is when a young, pregnant woman makes the right choice and chooses life for her unborn child because of our presence.

 Drake Circle

Council Name: Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen    Number 7547    Location: Elizabeth City, NC

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Council 7547, Father Stanley Grubitz Assembly 2379, Elizabeth City, NC, and Mother Mary Council, Edenton, NC, entered into a number of fund raising projects, including a quilt raffle, baseball games and individual donations. We ultimately raised $3000.00. With matching funds from Supreme, we are able to purchase refurbished used machine for the Albemarle Crisis Pregnancy Center, Elizabeth City, NC. Appropriate documentation has been prepared by the State and forwarded to Supreme for approval of matching funds. We expect Supreme to respond within the next 30 to 60 days.

Council Name: Msr. Lou Morton                Number 10892         Location: Wendell, NC

In June, 2012, Knights of Columbus Council# 10892 made a donation of $500.00 to Birthchoice. This was a unanimous decision by the council to honor one of our just departed Council members, PGK Donald Lake. We presented the check to Birthchoice in the presence of his widow, Cindy Lake. We all mourned for her loss, but boosted her spirits, knowing we remembered Don through our decision to make the donation.

Council Name: St Catherine of Siena             Number 11234      Location: Wake Forest, NC

Our local Natural Family Planning chapter (NFP) has been overwhelmed with requests for help from those in our community. In an effort to help more people in need of advice and guidance through this program, our council donated $5000 to the program to use as scholarship funds to train several more councilors for our area.

Council Name: St. Luke's                              Number 12832       Location: Mint Hill, NC

Conduct a prayer vigil in front of Planned Parenthood to pray for the unborn babies and that their mothers decide to keep them. Be ready to talk to mothers who will talk to us about their options.

Division IV

Council Name: Piedmont                            Number 939            Location: Greensboro NC

40 Days for Life returned to Greensboro in 2012 thanks to the efforts of council 939. We promoted the event in our council newsletter, provided 10% of the vigil staffing and 50% of the male staffing. Having male participants on hand increased both visibility and security for the vigil. The clinic is located in an industrial park area of west Greensboro on a through street with significant cut-through traffic. Some drivers stopped and commented they had no idea a clinic was in this area. We always had at least two participants scheduled for each 1 hour shift to maintain safety. During the first few days beginning September 26, there were three patients who had a change of heart and one clinic worker who asked us for information about finding other employment. We handed out information about Room at the Inn so they could all have someone to call to discuss options. We were thanked by the Greensboro police for keeping our vigil peaceful with no trespassing and no violence. We remained on pedestrian right of way and off private property at all times. Local businesses in the area stopped by to thank us and offer support. We intend to resume this vigil during Lent 2013 and increase participation since several of our members were unable to participate due to health issues this fall.

Council Name: Father Thomas Price            Number 2546            Location: Raleigh, NC

Run For Life Spaghetti Dinner When Brother Bob Klein and his wife Kathy, who are very supportive of our Pro Life program approached the council and stated they wanted to sponsor a spaghetti dinner to help raise money for the upcoming Raleigh Run For life, several members quickly stepped forward and gave their support. On the night prior to the scheduled event several Knights and their wives cooked spaghetti sauce, (not gravy) rolled meatballs and set up the hall for the following night. On Friday, June 29, 2012, the night of the event, with Italian music in the background to add to the ambience, Council 2546 served spaghetti and meatballs, salad and dessert to over 100 hungry people. The event was well attended by Knights and parishioners from St. Joseph's and Sacred Heart Cathedral as well as friends of the Council. Over $500.00 was raised for the Run For Life and Council 2546 was recognized as a major sponsor of the event.

Council Name: MSGR James R Jones         Number 3303          Location: New Bern N.C

On April 4 2012 our council erected our 2nd sign on rt17 south heading into Jacksonville NC. Our bill board is of an infant with hand held out saying take my hand not my life. These signs are visible as people are driving to Jacksonville,  NC were an abortion clinic is located. Our Brother Bart Spano has been very active with prayer vigils outside of this facility.

Council Name:  Pius X                                  Number 3498        Location:   Burlington, NC

As described on the Knights of Columbus Supreme website:

            "The Knights of Columbus Baby Bottle Campaign" is a drive to collect funds to support pro-life          initiatives at the local level. Empty baby bottles are distributed to individuals or families to deposit     loose change, checks, or paper money and then return the filled bottles after a period of time."

Pius X Council #3498 of Burlington NC Culture of Life Director announced at the September monthly Council meeting that we would be distributing empty baby bottles after all Masses the weekend of September 8-9, 2012 and collect them at Blessed Sacrament's Octoberfest being held on October 26, 2012. After obtaining permission from our Pastor to hand out the baby bottles and having the project announced at the beginning of each Mass, Knights were located at each exit to pass out the bottles. Approximately 250 baby bottles were distributed. All monies collected will be given to the North Carolina Right to Life.

Council Name: St Gregory              Number 6700             Location: Gastonia, NC

Council 6700 supported two pregnancy centers with donations of $750 to each. The Council also donated $500 to Room at the Inn.

Council Name: St. John Neumann    Number 7343          Location: Charlotte, NC

On September 5th two members of our council participated in the March for Life Rally during the Democratic Convention. We provided security for the people marching from the Dioceses center to downtown charlotte where a rally took place. As you can imagine, in the middle of the democratic convention, this was pretty intense with pro choice protestors trying to intervene. Overall, it was a great success with over 200 people marching and standing up for LIFE!

Council Name: Holy Cross               Number 8509           Location: Kernersville NC

Throughout the year Right to Life has been a focus in the council. Several members of the council participated by standing across from Planned Parenthood in prayer during 40 days for life. several participated in a life chain on Main St in Kernersville. The council also contributed $150.00 to help defray the cost of the Right to Life booth at the Dixie Classic Fair.

Council Name: Bishop Greco            Number 9499         Location: Clemmons, NC

Hand-to-Hand is a program within Catholic Social Services to provide guidance and assistance to new young mothers and fathers. This event was scheduled to "kick off" the program for this year. It gives the mothers a chance to meet each other. A menu of hot dogs, potato salad, cole slaw, watermelon, baked beans, chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream was served. Rain prevented outdoor activities but the children still had fun, especially using the soap bubbles. There were approximately 18 "clients", 15 children, 4 personnel from Catholic Social Services, and one representative from the Forsyth County/Winston-Salem school system. The school system representative gave a talk to the mothers offering advice as to how they could complete their education and handle problems which typically arise. The Council purchased coloring/activity books and crayons for each child as a special gift they could take home.

Council Name: St Matthew               Number 10852                   Location: Charlotte, NC

America Defend Life Events: During the week of the Democratic National Convention, members of our Council participated in a number of Pro-Life events in Charlotte, including a Rosary and Prayer Vigil outside the Time Warner arena, on the evening of August 31st followed the next day by a Prayer Vigil at the Planned Parenthood facility on Albemarle Rd. and culminating with the March for Life and Rally in central Charlotte on Wednesday, September 5th.  State Deputy, Greg Kent, and Brother Knights from several other Councils also joined in these events – reinforcing the Pro Life commitment of the Knights of Columbus.  We want to thank G.K. Chuck Elgin, Craig Mazzucca, Gary Yeck, Gene Fitzgerald, Norm Gemignani and Al Witbrodt for acting as safety marshals for the March.

Pro-Life Demonstration at Planned Parenthood:  Pictured is Brother Knight Norm Gemignani in the background holding the “I am a Person” sign.  3,300 red carnations (the number of Abortions DAILY in the United States) were laid along Albermarle Road in front of the Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic on September 1st.  Andrea Hines, Respect Life Chairperson for the Respect Life Ministry at St Ann's, organized the protest and asked attendees to think of children’s names as they spread the red carnations along Albermarle road.

Thank you to all who came out for the Aug 31st prayer vigil in front of Time Warner Cable (TWC) arena and the Sep 1st prayer vigil at planned parenthood! All will attest, we are sure, that they were powerful, emotional and filled with the Holy Spirit!

Little story: one young man, on Friday night, who had been at the bus terminal across the street, came over to one of us and asked if he could take a flower to give to his girlfriend to thank her for choosing life for his son, who is due to be born in six weeks. She had wanted to abort him. He did not. She eventually chose life.  Praise God.



 Council Name: St Pius X                Number 11101                Location: Greensboro, NC

Annual fundraiser selling donated items in "yard-sale" style. Announcements are made in our parish and other local parishes requesting parishioners donate new or gently used personal and household items to be donated for the purpose of sale to raise funds for Ultrasound Initiative and Room at the Inn. A trailer was rented and set up in the Church's parking lot to hold donated items until the day of the sale. Knights volunteered to unlock and lock the trailer at the beginning and end of each day donations were received. Knights then volunteered to help sort donations and display them on the day of the sale and to man display tables to make sales. Sales totaled over $1300.00.



Council Name: Sacred Heart        Number 12537                 Location: Southport, NC

This is an annual event conducted by the Knights in cooperation with our Parish priest. Knights serve as altar servers for the mass. A homily on the Culture of Life is preached by our priest. All parishioners are asked to participate in the Living Rosary after Mass at the Knights' statue of "The Blessed Virgin and Child" in the Church garden. The Living Rosary is then said. Participation was 75 parishioners and Knights.