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       North Carolina State Council Mission Statement

We, the Knights of Columbus family of North Carolina, formed out of the inspiration and
love of Father Michael J. McGivney, are a welcoming, Eucharist-centered, and culturally
diverse Order of Catholic gentlemen. Together, with the involvement of our families, we
strive to exemplify our Order’s principles of charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism. As
stewards of our Order’s legacy, we endeavor to answer His call in solidarity with the
priesthood, respecting life, defending of our faith and family and serving our fellow man.

To have a Knights of Columbus presence in every Catholic community in North

                       UPCOMING EVENTS     

                                 2014 Organization Meeting pictures

                                   2013-14 2nd Half Coucil Award Winners
                Safe Environment for Youth letter from Supreme Knight
                                   (Very Important Information)

                                                       30 Days

July 30 GK's complete and submit the State Directory Form

July 30 Staff Staff complete and submit the State Staff Directory Form

August 1 Service Program Personnel Report #365 Supreme Form

August 15 Semiannual Audit Report # 1295 Supreme Form

August 15 Soccer Challenge Kit Order Supreme Form

                                                         60 Days      

September 1 Columbian Squires Officers and Counselors Report #468 Supreme Form

September 1 Notice of Appointment of Round Table Coordinator # 2629 Supreme Form

September 1 Substance Abuse Awareness Supreme Form

September 6, 2014 State Bocce Tournament   Information

September 19 -20 Eucharistic Congress - Charlotte, NC

                                                           90 Days

October 4 & 5 State Golf Tournament  Details

Council and Assembly Action Required

After you complete your Council and/or Assembly elections you need to complete both the Supreme and State forms so you information can be updated at both Supreme and in the State Directory.  The reason both forms need to be submitted is because the State Form collect more information to enable you to have contact information on more people throughout the state. The links to the necessary forms are listed below:

Assembly   Supreme Form 186    4th Degree Directory Form
Council      Supreme Form 185     State Directory Form
State Staff    State Staff Directory Form
Note  Supreme Council  Form can be found     HERE
          Supreme Assembly Forms can be found  HERE

                                 1st & 2nd Degree Schedule

       Membership Goal for 2013-2014 is  1476

One Member Per Council Per Month

The World Series of Membership!

Imagine being part of an organization that fills your heart and your mind with the joy of giving to others and the feeling that comes with making a difference. More     

If you are interesed in joining contact our Membership Team

Experience of a Life Time

Council 7024 and Assembly 2713 of Swansboro escort the ICON of Mary into Mass at St Mildred Catholic Church, Swansboro NC 20 July 2014


These Men They Call Knights   What the Order Stands For Today  How to Join

Principles of the Order
    Vision of Father McGivney      NC KofC Publication

Career Opportunity:

The Knights of Columbus is seeking a Field Agent for a career opportunity representing their insurance program. They offer a complete benefits package with this full-time position. In order to qualify, one must be eligible for membership in the Knights of Columbus. For more information, please contact, Christopher Mahoney, General Agent, at (919)845-5595 or via email at    Agent Website