The State Council has procured a General Liability Insurance Policy through the Montgomery Insurance Co, a member of the Liberty Mutual Group. This insurance is a standard liability insurance policy for North Carolina State Insurance Laws.

State Contact Person: State Secretary for all insurance information and requests.

General Guidelines:
Policy: The insurance policy is a 2nd party general liability policy. It is meant to protect the Council and facilities utilized for Council activities.
1 – Policy does not cover Knights individually, your own personal insurance policy is your
coverage at events, etc. Exception: LAMB has own insurance policy, contact LAMB
Treasurer for further information.
2 – Policy covers guests at activities sponsored by a Knights of Columbus Council.
3 – Policy is not collision insurance but liability insurance.
4 – Policy Period: November 1 of each year to November 1 of the following year.

Summary of Limits and Charges:
Each Occurrence Limit - $1,000,000.00
Damage to Premises Rented to You Limit (Any One Premises) - $300,000.00
Medical Expense Limit (Any One Person) - $15,000.00
Personal and Advertising Injury Limit - $1,000,000.00
General Aggregate Limit (Other than products – Completed Operations) - $2,000,000.00
Products – Completed Operations Aggregate Limit - $2,000,000.00

How Financed:
Each Council is assessed $1.00 per member per year for this insurance on their September
State Insurance Bill
Exception: Councils owning their own building through a separate corporation. They are
required to have their own insurance policy and to forward a copy to the State Secretary.
These Councils may also want to get State Insurance coverage for events not held on their
own property (example: event held at Church or local park).

General Example of 2nd Party Liability Policy:
1 - Council hosts a fish fry and a Knight accidentally receives a hot oil burn:
- not covered by this policy
2 - Council hosts a fish fry and a guest accidentally receives a hot oil burn:
- covered.
3 – Host a Bingo – guest falls and gets injured
- covered

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ)
1 – What is a Certificate of Insurance?
- A certificate issued by the insurance company that verifies a valid policy is in effect for the Knights of Columbus
2 – When do I need a Certificate of Insurance?
- When the owner of the property you are planning on conducting an event requests one.
This could be Church property, public property, i.e. park, etc.
3 – What if the Parish requests a Certificate of Insurance to cover all Knights of Columbus
activities on Church property for the year?
- A Certificate of Insurance will be issued upon request.
4 – How do I get a Certificate of Insurance?
- Contact the State Advocate (e-mail or telephone).
5 – What about alcohol sales at an event?
- A Certificate of Insurance is not a permit to sell alcoholic beverages. A one time event permit should be secured from the North Carolina ABC commission.