Tar Heel Knight Article Request

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It's easy to copy & paste content from other websites, but to avoid any copyright infringement issues and practice fair use, always cite the source...since the THK & Golden Plume are published directly to the state council website.


  • Attach individual graphic image files along with Word document article
  • Ensure that you have obtained image from a source that we are authorized to use
  • Cite the source of the image for appropriate citation
  • Provide credit for the photographer, if possible
  • Rather than inserting images into Word docs, provide reference to the image file
    • e.g. [Insert Divine Mercy.png image here]


  • Cite specific source, including when you obtained it
  • Enclose it in "quotation marks"

Links (URL's)

  • If you copy/paste links, check the link by clicking on it, let it open in web browser, then provide the entire link by copying & pasting from the browser bar
  • This will help THK Chairman to streamline links and remove extraneous referral-related references within the URL

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